Aerospace & Aviation

In the Aerospace and aviation industries large components have to be held to precise tolerances. Phoenix’s Vertical Turning Centers and Vertical Machining Centers lead this industry in precision machining on a large scale.

Our experience includes turning a 230” diameter dome used in the Delta rocket to a wall thickness of less than .125”. Also many of our machines are used in the helicopter industry to mill the main hub where the blades attach and also to make other large diameter parts particularly for large, heavy lift helicopters.

The dome shown at right is made of aluminum and is 230” in diameter and as thin as 1.125” when it is finished. There are also hundreds of drilled holes in the top and bottom flanges. The outside of the done is pictured, but the inside of the dome is also machined in a previous setup. Part weight is critical and therefore wall thickness must be maintained. This machine is also equipped with a two axis tilt/rotary head under CNC control to allow drilling and tapping of holes at an angle to the X-Y-Z coordinate system. The machine pictured is an adjustable rail Vertical Turning/Milling Center.