Gear Gashing Centers

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Gear Gashing Brochure (PDF)

Designed with increased mass to allow increased metal removal rate, the Phoenix Gear Gashing Center provides a tailored solution to your gear gashing needs. Constructed with all cast iron and steel forgings and incorporating a robust hydrostatic bearing support system for the index table, tooth to tooth accuracy is assured after many years of heavy stock removal. Cutting heads deigned for OD gears, ID gears or combination heads capable of both ID and OD gears are available. Phoenix will also customize the machine to fit your range of bearing diameters.

We developed our gear gashing line of equipment to provide another piece to the “full line” puzzle for our customers in the wind power industry who had been using our turning and milling machines. In addition these gears are used in mining and construction equipment.

Flexible Design

Gear Gasher

  • Vertical Stroke - from 40” to over 60”
  • Gear I.D. - from 60” to over 240”
  • Gear O.D. - from 60” to over 240”
  • Gear Types - ID, OD or Combination
  • Custom Fixtures - Available

Quality Design

Gear Being Gashed

  • Table positioning - Uses a high resolution angular encoder mounted directly in the center of the table.
  • Cutting Head - Gear Driven 60KW AC Continuously driven.
  • Table Drive System - Hardened and ground pinion driven by a AC servo motor and planetary gear box
  • Ways - Hardened and ground not requiring linear guides
  • Base and Column - Class 35-40 cast iron for stability and vibration reduction
  • Ball Screw - 5” diameter with 8 support bearings for large load capacity

Optimized Design

  • Table Support - Hydrostatic thrust bearing (two rows) with precision roller radial bearing
  • Table Clamping System - Clamping for the cut is accomplished by de-pressurizing the hydrostatic bearing and engaging 4 disc clamps
  • Finite Element Analysis - To optimize strength and reduce weight
  • High pressure coolant systems and special filtration systems