Graphite Machining

Graphite Machining

Whether you are completely machining large 3 ton graphite electrodes or adding grooves to graphite cathodes, we can make a machine to fit your needs. Phoenix’s ingenuity and willingness to take on challenges has let us enter this market where others wouldn’t. Give us your requirements and we will make them a reality.

3 Stage Electrode Finishing Machine

The electrode finishing machine shown at right includes three machining stations and an overhead gantry robot that moves the electrode through the system. The rough electrodes are centered with a best fit on the rough OD in station 1, rough and finish turned in station 2 and finally the sockets and end faces are machined in a single setup on station 3.

Cathode Machining

Cathodes can be machined on all sides in two setups using a special Phoenix multiple head gantry milling machine.