Industrial Power: Gas, Steam, Nuclear Power

Industrial Power

The power generation industry requires machines capable of both large swings and tall part heights. With a product line that includes table sizes of up to 420” and height under the cross rail of up to 192”, Phoenix Vertical Turning Centers are the ideal solution. In addition, our Horizontal Broaching Machines, with strokes up to 380” and up to four rows of tooling have proven to be an excellent choice for broaching slots.


Our largest and tallest Vertical Turning Centers and well as Vertical Turning and Milling Centers are used to machine larger nuclear pressure vessels and pump housings. We have provided machines with a maximum part height of up to 192” and a maximum swing of up to 35 Feet (420”) for this industry. Our movable rail machines are ideally suited for these applications.

Gas and Steam

Large turbine wheels are machined on both our fixed rail and adjustable rail Vertical Turning Centers. Our large Horizontal Broaching Machines are used to broach the slots in these turbine disks. Our Multi Spindle Blade Milling machines have been machining the airfoils of large turbine blades for over 15 years.