Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Mining equipment by nature is big and requires large machines to handle the crushing, feeding, grinding pumping, transporting and processing of iron ore and other minerals. Phoenix makes constructing this equipment possible with our Vertical Turning and Milling Centers. From turning a 12 foot road wheel to a 110,000 lb Integral Mill head everything is possible. Depending on your milling and turning needs our standard capabilities of up to 280” swing or our highly specialized 45 foot diameter table will meet your needs.

Pump Casings

Phoenix adjustable rail Vertical Turning and Vertical Turning/Milling Centers are used in the manufacture of large pump housings as well as the impellers used to power the pumps. These pumps are used in both the mining and dredging industries.

Milling Heads

Milling heads can be both turned and milled on our large 45 Ft. diameter fixed rail Vertical Turning/Milling Centers equipped with hydrostatic bearings to support part weights of up to 500,000 Lbs.